Beauty Therapy

IPL Hair Removal



IPL stands for “intense pulsed light”. It is a light therapy that uses a spectrum of multiple wavelengths of light energy and thus can target, heat destroy, and stimulate a number of different skin structures at the same time. Therefore, as long as the IPL has the necessary power output, the correct light filters, efficient surface skin cooling, and a wide pulse-width, it is able to permanently destroy hair follicles as well as treating skin pigmentation, regenerating collagen, and treating blood vessel destruction.


With over two decades of experience in the beauty industry, our IPL Specialist Kylie has won numerous national and state awards and become a well regarded by her peers as a leader in the Skin and Beauty Industry.


Kylie offers the IPL Hair reduction and Photorejuvenation treatments using the French Adena Efficient Pulsed Light IPL machine – holder of 17 patents. The adena IPL emits a Spectrum of light which is broad and sufficiently variable to adapt to the various applications for specific skin treatments and hair reduction procedures.